Puzzles in Purple

The Williams College Society of Alumni Bicentennial Celebration Puzzle Hunt

You and your team of crack puzzle hunters are tasked with combing through the past, present—and maybe future—of Williams College to unlock the secrets of the Society and reveal the answer to the question, “How should we celebrate the bicentennial of the Williams College Society of Alumni?”

This Hunt will unfold in ten puzzles, revealed roughly every three weeks between January and August, with a final metapuzzle (one that combines the answers to all the other puzzles) released on the anniversary date in September 2021.

Each of the ten puzzles will solve to a single word or phrase. Enter that word or phrase into the answer submission box before the deadline to receive credit for that puzzle. Hints will be published each week, so if you're stuck on a puzzle you can check back for additional information.

Puzzles in Purple is open to all members of the Williams community and their family and friends. Register your account here, then start solving puzzles or join a team and work together.

Suitable prizes—Williams swag, naturally—will be awarded to randomly drawn solvers each month, with a Grand Prize going to one of the individuals or teams who completes the entire hunt.